Migrants will be deported immediately through the Tamaulipas border


Reynosa, Tamps., December 28 (OEM Informex).- Agents from the Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP) may continue to immediately expel migrants who enter the United States illegally through the Tamaulipas border, under the Title 42 in order to prevent the spread of Covid.

The Supreme Court in the United States issued a ruling that indicates that they will leave Title 42 indefinitely, so deportations will continue through this border.

“The hope was that people would enter, but unfortunately this is not the case, we have 14,000 migrants who are waiting their turn to enter the United States, there are pregnant women, sick children.”

Authorities from the CBP urged families coming from the south of the continent not to risk themself reaching the border, especially due to weather conditions, since there are many needs in this town.

In Matamoros, where at least 8,000 migrants are stranded, people have chosen to cross the Rio Grande illegally in the hope that the border patrol will stop them, but not deport them.

“It’s our only option, we don’t see any other and Title 42 is purely an excuse, we don’t have a house here and I can’t return to my country,” said Germán Paz, a resident of El Salvador.

What is Title 42?

In March 20, 2020 when United States, personnel from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a public health order under the mandate of the Republican government of Donald Trump.

Because the cases of infected by coronavirus were increasing, according to officials of the American union, they aimed to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Through that order, it allowed authorities to quickly expel migrants at the land borders between Texas and Reynosa, and it has been extended several times.

Under Title 42, the Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP) prohibits the entry of certain persons who potentially represent a health risk, for having entered that country illegally; For this reason, activists at the border urge migrants not to take risks, since they will be returned immediately.

Source: El Sol de Tampico