The “Grinch” is arrested in Tamaulipas for trying to steal Christmas


The state SSP shared images of the famous character “Grinch” aboard a State Police patrol as a joke and it went viral on networks.

With Christmas Eve getting closer, one of the most recognized characters in the world as an antagonist of this time of the year is the “Grinch”, who visited the city of Matamoros, in Tamaulipas and was arrested by elements of the State Guard for “trying to steal Christmas.”

This was shared by the Tamaulipas Secretary of Public Security (SSP) during the afternoon of Saturday, December 17, because through a publication on social networks they decided to make a joke with the character, and take pictures of a person in disguise, who took the opportunity to get on the unit and fake arrest.

“Images of the exact moment in which the Grinch was detained by elements of the State Guard in Matamoros while trying to steal Christmas are circulating on social networks,” the SSP wrote on Twitter and Facebook, in addition to adding four images with the famous figure “under arrest”, who presumes to hate the December festivities.

The intention of adding a bit of comedy to the situation and taking advantage of the weekend with a character like the “Grinch” was immediately understood, known worldwide for being a fictitious elf who makes a parody of consumption during Christmas, which is why that in different books and films he tries to frustrate everything related to the date and for which elements of the State Guard would have arrested him.

This publication was a parenthesis to what the Secretary of State usually shares, since they constantly use their media to inform citizens about risk situations, their daily tasks, events with the participation of the Police and to attend public reports.

It should be noted that this alleged arrest of the “Grinch” was a joke by the Tamaulipas SSP, which went viral on networks, since there was no type of procedure against him or official report, so everything was left in a series of photographs for networks in this Christmas season.