Police officers share pizzas and soft drinks with children at a border crossing in Reynosa, Tamaulipas


Reynosa, Tamaulipas.- In a humanitarian act, State Guard police officers shared pizzas and soft drinks with weak minors who were on one of the main Reynosa cruise ships.

The little ones appreciated the help of the uniformed officers who were moved by feeling and empathy.

This occurred on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 16, at the point of Morelos and Rosalinda Guerrero boulevard, where police officers were circulating aboard patrol cars 1538 and 1584, who stopped their units and went down to deliver pizzas as well as soft drinks. to the minors who were on that crossing requesting the help of the population to buy food.

It is not an official program, the policemen were contributing out of their own pockets

The happy children accepted the food, expressing their enthusiasm and joy for this action undertaken by elements of the state corporation, who bought it with their resources and after that continued their surveillance tour in this border area.

In the same way, the elements of the State Guard announced that they sought to reduce the adverse situation of these children in a condition of vulnerability due to the economic problems that many of them face derived from the economic situation in which many families find themselves.

How do “street children” live?

Some children and young people who live practically on the streets organize themselves into “gangs” to work together and share the profits, obtain money, food, and protection, defend their territory and possessions, protect themselves from the authorities, reaffirm their identity, and establish relationships. people with other members of the group.

Those called by many “street children” have an image that they are excluded from society and that their lives will pass between violence, the street, and arrests, according to society’s perception.

For some children and adolescents, work is an important source of self-determination that makes it possible to fight against poverty and maintain projects despite difficulties. However, it must be remembered that child exploitation is a crime and, according to what is exposed by the DIF System, it is even a reason to protect them in one of the foster homes in Tamaulipas.

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