Tamaulipas approves same-sex marriage Equal legal marriage now throughout Mexico


On the afternoon of October 26, same-sex marriage was legalized throughout Mexico. This after it was approved in Tamaulipas, the last state where it was not yet legal.

This was confirmed by the Tamaulipas Congress in an official statement in which they stated:

“Taking into account that through the aforementioned reform, national and international standards on the right to equal marriage and non-discrimination of any person are complied with, we are kind enough to declare the origin of the legislative action.”

With this approval, article 132 of the State Civil Code will be reformed, in which it will be established that “ those who marry must be of legal age ”, without distinction of gender.

The proposal had 23 votes in favor, 12 against and 1 abstention.

It should be noted that, due to the long approval process for the reform, Tamaulipas became the state with the highest number of injunctions filed. The civil society organization México Igualitario counted a total of 140, with which it surpassed Chihuahua, which was in the lead before obtaining approval.

A day before, same-sex marriage was also approved in Guerrero with 38 votes in favor, six against and two invalid, and on the 19th of this month it was approved in Tabasco.

LGBT community in Tamaulipas congress

The first area of ​​Mexico in which he legislated in favor of this right was Mexico City, then under the name of the Federal District. In 2009, the Legislative Assembly recognized same-sex marriage, defining it as the “free union between two people.”

Progress towards legalization at the national level was slow, as it took five years for it to be approved in Coahuila, which became the second entity to legalize this right. In addition, during the government of Felipe Calderón, the fight for equal marriage suffered a setback due to an action of unconstitutionality filed before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation ( SCJN ).

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