Cartel had its own video surveillance cameras network in Reynosa, Tamaulipas


Authorities detected and dismantled in the border city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas a network of video surveillance cameras operated by organized crime

The Special Operations Group (GOPES) of the Tamaulipas Police detected and dismantled an illegal video surveillance network operated by organized crime in Reynosa.

Through a statement, the Tamaulipas Public Security Secretariat pointed out that 100 remote video cameras have been dismantled in the last hours, illegally using the Wi-Fi signals of local homes or businesses.

The agency called on the population to report any suspicion of illegal use or signal theft of their wireless networks or the presence of cameras that could be used to commit crimes.

The cameras dismantled by the GOPES police officers were installed on walls, poles, rigged into electrical installations. Investigations continue to determine the place where all the images were gathered.

Criminal groups operate illegal video surveillance networks to observe the movements of federal and state security corporations or to cover their illicit activities, the authority said.

The cameras were placed at the disposal of ministerial authorities for the continuation of the investigations and to arrest those responsible. But, so far, no arrests have been made in relation to this matter.

Source: Lopez Doriga Digital

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