Border Patrol agents fired upon from Mexico, return fire


ROMA, Texas – Fox News reports that multiple law enforcement sources have confirmed an incident where Border Patrol agents who were were patrolling an area near Roma, Texas, were fired upon on Wednesday, and they returned fire.

In the northern part of the Rio Grande Valley Sector sits a little town that sits right on the border and directly across from 

Members of the Special Operations Group attached to the Border Patrol Tactical Operations (BORTAC) were shot at from beyond the border and then returned fire. The exchange of gunfire injured no one.

In a statement to Fox News, CBP confirmed that agents responded to a report of suspected illegal aliens near Fronton, Texas.   

The statement goes on to confirm the incident is being reviewed by both the FBI and CBP’s Office of Professional Responsibility.

Fox reports that “the Mexican military had engaged with cartel members in a shootout on the Mexican side, at which point a man fled and tried to cross into the U.S. via a nearby river. When a BORTAC agent jumped into the water to rescue him, the agent was fired upon.”

This is not the first time that the Border Patrol or law enforcement has been fired upon by suspected cartel members from the Mexican side of the border. The area is well known to be a dangerous area that cartels routinely utilize. 

We have previously reported several incidents in which bullets have come as close to hitting vehicles driven by agents. 

Machine gun fire with tracers round lit up the night sky in October of last year, and Fox News captured the tracer fire on video. 

Fox Journalist Bill Melugin, who has extensively covered the southern border, personally witnessed the machine-gun fire from the same area. 

“Holy sh*t!” We witnessed tracer rounds from a suspected cartel machine gun being fired from Mexico into the U.S. early this morning while we were embedded with the TX National Guard in Roma, TX. Soldiers tell us the rounds went above one of their observation posts,” Melugin wrote on Twitter. 

On October 15 of last year,  suspected cartel gunmen fired two shots across the border in the direction of Members of the Texas National Guard in Roma.

In the same area, cartel gunmen have been seen taunting the soldiers. Fox News was embedded with the National Guard at the time and also witnessed smugglers bringing raft loads of illegal immigrants across the river by the hundreds during the evening hours.


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