Tampico; Grandfather destroys entrance and vehicle by forcibly entering the vaccination line at the UAT (video)


The elderly man was arrested by university authorities with the help of elements of the National Guard, when trying to enter by force through gate 4.

An elderly man was detained by the State Police in the vaccination module Tampico’s Drive-Thru after it ran over a traffic element and hit two units after trying to enter by force and without queuing.

Elements of the National Guard and university protection personnel managed to stop the older adult who tried to enter through gate 4 of the UAT to receive a covid vaccine.

Older adult is arrested for forcibly entering covid vaccination in Tamaulipas

The incident prompted the arrival of the state police and the deployment of security to arrest the man who, without standing in line, tried to reach the Drive-Thru vaccination module located in the facilities of the Tampico – Madero University Center.

The subject who was involved in the incident entered his truck, breaking the iron door and colliding with a UAT truck, being arrested a hundred meters ahead, at the height of the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences.

He did not want to get off the unit, after starting the dialogue, he got off still aggressive and had to be subdued by the police while he screamed in alleged pain to try to be released, while his truck was towed by a tow truck.

Given this situation, surveillance was reinforced to ensure that motorists enter in order and respect their turn to receive the reinforcement of a covid vaccine.

Here is the video captured at the time of the events in the Tampico Drive-Thru module:


In this other video you can see how, without caring about the man, he rammed a truck owned by the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas with a person on board. 

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