Brownsville Texas disappointed by the low influx of Mexican tourist


In the neighboring country, they are ready to receive visitors with non-essential activity

The opening of the borders for essential travel did not turn out what was expected on its first day of opening, it even came as a surprise to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) authorities.

In the days leading up to the November 8 opening, CBP announced that staff would be increased and asked non-essential travelers for patience.

“As an agency, we did expect an increase in the number of travelers, we are recognizing that a few minutes ago I reviewed the waiting times and they are not very big, however, we expect increases this weekend,” he told El SOL DE TAMPICO .

He explained that they expect a greater arrival “for this coming weekend.

Stores registered little influx of people

We cannot say with certainty because not many people come yet but we do know that it is a working day of work and perhaps it may be one of the factors that are influencing that there are not as many people as expected, “he said.

He noted that in the United States they are ready to receive visitors with non-essential activities.

“With their valid travel documents that are up to date and that they have the complete Covid-19 vaccine, plus the 14 days we are prepared to receive them,” he said.

Businesses were ready for a larger influx


Brownsville stores like Ross, dd’s or Greyhound, were practically empty when they waited for lines to enter.

Few people were observed on a tour by EL SOL DE TAMPICO through the commercial area of ​​Brownsville closest to Matamoros.

“Everything is the same, it is not as if it were a special day, it is a normal Monday,” said Hugo Jiménez, who works in a shopping center in this North American city.

Elías Rodríguez, CBP supervisor in Brownsville


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