AMPI celebrates its 50th Congress and opening of the University of Real Estate Professionals


It will be held from October 27 to 29 in the Port of Tampico, Tamaulipas

Everything ready for the realization of the “2021 Gold Congress” of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) that will be held from October 27 to 29 in the Port of Tampico, Tamaulipas, in a sector that this year could rise to the first level of economy generation, which is growing by leaps and bounds, compared to other wealth-generating segments in Mexico, said its president Pedro Fernández Martínez.

Tampico, Mexico

“In our golden wedding anniversary, we are going to celebrate the 50th Congress, Tampico, Tamaulipas is beautiful, it is a city with a capacity for resilience and the businessman and the government of the three levels has put their energy beautifying city, with an excellent gastronomy and with the support of the state and municipal governments, we feel the hand and the great support for this event and we will also have very good national and international speakers ”, he stressed in an interview with #EnConcretoContigo.

It is, he said, a reunion after isolation and that it will have all the necessary sanitary measures to avoid infections, “a very strict control so that we can live together in a healthy way. The participation of between 900 and a thousand people is expected in this face-to-face Congress, out of a total of 6,300 members.

Pedro Fernández referred to the 50th edition of this Congress, within the framework of the 65-year history of the AMPI. In addition, it made important announcements such as an increase in its membership of 40%, in the midst of the health crisis and the University that the Association heads, which will soon be giving its first fruits, by entering the market with real estate graduates, with specialty and master’s degree.

Expressing his joy for these projects launched by the AMPI, its leader, who has been traveling to different parts of the country for 241 days under the slogan “We move forward uniting roots”, and with the premise that we are a boat and we all fit, especially the young, progress is being made to reach a safe harbor where everyone can contribute. The achievements have been significant in providing those who work in the real estate sector with the tools and training necessary to do an impeccable job.

Boost to the University

For this reason, Pedro Fernández referred to the AMPI University, which offers four educational offers to professionalize in the sector with tuition fees of 2,100 pesos per month.

“This has been great teamwork, an inclusive AMPI that seeks to be the home of the young real estate agents in Mexico and right in Congress, we will launch the young AMPI commission, so that they begin to take the reins, we leave the business ready for them. and start working with that expertise that technology has. Our academic offer is supported by the state, it means that regardless of the more than 200 courses, seminars, and diplomas that we carry out for the real estate sector, today we have a school, “he said.

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Pedro Fernandez

Fernández Martínez explained that they have an intensive baccalaureate for those over 21 years of age that in three months, with an accumulation of knowledge and a professional examination, they are granted with the support of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) educational recognition, in addition to the career of university real estate marketing technician that was previously done in Ceneval and now they have the authorship, registration, and performance of it.

“It lasts two years and once you finish you can enter the next level, we revalidate subjects for those who have truncated their career as a university technician in real estate marketing at Ceneval and the next step is a degree in real estate and later to a master’s degree in real estate with a duration of a year and a half and low costs because we decided not to win in exchange for the sector to professionalize, it costs 2,100 pesos a month to become a master in real estate ”, he explained.

The AMPI leader added that for the first time, a non-profit association has a real offer of training with virtual classes, and to date, 91 students are enrolled since they are convinced that specialization is the flag that should rule in the real estate professional, in addition to having knowledge in economics, administration, legal and technological factor because otherwise, we can accompany a bad experience.

AMPI Sección Tampico tiene listo el 50 Congreso Nacional.

Real estate sector will offer plans to attract foreign investment to Tampico

The 50th edition of the National Congress of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI ) will put Tampico in the sights of foreign investors, who will go to the southern part of Tamaulipas to see the potential spaces to land their capital and create developments of general benefit

Pedro Fernández Martíneznational president of the organization, mentioned prior to the event to be held from this Thursday at the Expo Tampico, there will be a panel in which experts on real estate issues from other nations, together with attendees from all over Mexico, will meet the benefits of the region.

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“We have an international panel where we will put Tampico in the sights of foreign investors. This city has it all, unparalleled gastronomy, a capacity for hostility and the people, its value, who know teamwork. You go to the Historic Center, the former Customs, to the market, there is a great area of ​​opportunity, and everyone who wants to invest in this town has a great area of ​​opportunity ”, he pointed out.


There is great expectation for the presence of 600 professionals and representatives of national and international franchises, who will meet during the following days after the suspension due to the covid health emergency.

“At AMPI we are a great family, we are going to divide the days into training and certifications, with very interesting presentations, an annual assembly where the venue for the next event and the 10 new incoming directors are chosen, but most importantly, we will celebrate the triumph of the Tampicans for their ability to carry out this event ”, he added.

To point out that Tampico has struggled since 2018 to achieve this convention and it was in 2020 when the National Committee designated it as the site for one of the three major annual events that take place in the country.

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