AMLO celebrates cancellation of the wall; “We will not confront the U.S.”


He considered that it is not urgent and that it is not necessary to have a telephone call with his counterpart in the United States.

Mexico City.- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador celebrated the decree of President Joe Biden to stop the construction of the wall on the joint border between Mexico and the United States, and affirmed that he will not confront the government of his counterpart , because there is no threats against Mexico and coincidences with their proposals prevail.

López Obrador considered that it is not urgent and that it is not necessary to hold a phone call with his counterpart from the United States, Joe Biden, but said that if it is necessary to do so, “we do it, but it is not urgent.”

Lopez Obrador said: “There is no threat against Mexico to make it clear, that is, those who are betting that we are going to face the United States Government, are going to be left with the desire, to speak in silver, right? Because they always bet that there will be confrontations and lawsuits”.

AMLO stressed that there are coincidences with the agenda presented by Joe Biden, which includes priority attention to the pandemic and the economic crisis in the United States.

Source: SIPSE

Mexico Daily Post