Tamaulipas citizens are expected to cross into the United States in search of covid vaccine


Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca stated that he already presented this issue to his counterparts who are members of the Federalist Alliance

The governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, acknowledged that in the face of a possible release of the anticovid vaccine in the United States, a significant number of citizens seek to cross into Texas, with the intention of acquiring and applying them. 

He manifested before this scenario, they are already beginning to prepare, because it is natural that citizens who have the opportunity to cross the border will want to move forward because in Mexico the stages will advance gradually. 

“In the particular case of Tamaulipas there will be a phenomenon that probably does not occur in other parts of the country and they were briefly discussed. The United States is already well advanced with the production of vaccines, surely these will be released and may even begin to be able to apply in places like pharmacies, stores, among others, “he declared. 

The president stated that he has already raised this issue with his fellow members of the Federalist Alliance

Source: heraldodemexico.com.mx

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