Sister of ‘Subcomandante Marcos’ seeks to be mayor of Tampico


Carmen Guillén Vicente aspires to become mayor of Tampico for the PRI

Mercedes del Carmen Guillén Vicente, sister of Sebastián Rafael Guillén Vicente, identified as “ Subcomandante Marcos ”, aspires to become mayor of Tampico, this, under the initials of the Institutional Revolutionary Party ( PRI ).

This Sunday morning, Mercedes del Carmen, also known as “Paloma”, went to the PRI facilities in Ciudad Victoria, capital of Tamaulipas, to request her registration as a candidate for the Municipal Presidency of Tampico.

Paloma, who avoids talking about her brother, has had a long political history, even with the Tamaulipas PRI governors currently under legal process; She was Attorney General during the term of Tomás Yarrington, while with Eugenio Hernández she served as Secretary of the Government.

Later, she was a federal deputy for Tampico and is currently a substitute for Senator Claudia Ruiz Massieu.

The leader of the PRI in Tamaulipas, Edgardo Melhem, said that the Nomination Commission will be the one who chooses the candidates based on the analysis of their political history.

“The political trajectory, to see who has a more solid political trajectory, we don’t want to take away the opportunity from young people, but we do want to analyze the trajectory of each of the applicants. See who is the one that brings together more the different currents of the PRI, “he highlighted in an interview.

He reported that the registration of candidates from 24 municipalities is expected for this Sunday, while next Thursday, January 21, the documentation of those who seek to be local deputies will be received and that on Saturday 23 the candidates for federal deputies will be registered. It will be on Sunday 24th when the registration of the 21 remaining from Tamaulipas is concluded.

“The priority, recovering Town Halls, achieving greater spaces in the local Chamber of Deputies and also recovering spaces in the federal Congress; there is no one more important than the others ”, he pointed out.


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