Mexican iconic writer Antonio Velasco Piña dies at age 85


The author of “Regina: 2 de Octubre no se olvida” (Regina: October 2 is not forgotten) died this Sunday after suffering respiratory, cardiac and circulatory discomfort.

CDMX.- On Sunday the Mexican writer Antonio Velasco Piña passed away at the age of 85, author of the famous bestseller Regina: October 2 is not forgotten.

The death of the novelist, essayist, historian, and lawyer, whose causes are unknown at the moment, was confirmed by his friends and by writer Laura Esquivel, in whose home he was staying.

Relatives of Velasco Piña detailed that since the last days the narrator was dealing with various respiratory, circulatory and heart diseases, which worsened after Christmas Eve.

“This morning, the doctor who visited him in his little room in Coyoacán, he informed him of his state of health, and Maestro Velasco Piña asked to speak to Laurita, then he said: ‘I don’t want any more visits, or calls, because I want to be silent,” posted the activist and writer Alberto “Coyote ” Ruz Buenfil on his Facebook account.

The narrator Laura Esquivel, for her part, shared an emotional message from her Instagram about the Maestro’s departure: “It was a privilege to meet you, to enjoy your friendship and have given you the last goodbye. Goodbye, dear Toño,” she wrote.

Institutions, colleagues, and admirers of Antonio Velasco also mourned his death through social networks. For example, the Union of Education Workers (STE) expressed its condolences in a short message calling the author “exemplary Mexican.”

The friends who accompanied the writer in his last days asked his followers not to come to say goodbye to him personally in consideration of the health contingency, however, they announced that, as soon as the conditions are favorable, they will organize a posthumous tribute to celebrate his life and legacy.

“With our dear Laurita, who generously welcomed him in these last days of his transit and the closest circle of siblings that we have been accompanying Toño, we ask that everyone please light their candles, send their prayers, and thanks from their homes, but please do not come to their house “, added Ruz Buenfil.

They indicated that for this purpose, they created the email address [email protected], to receive and respond to messages related to the death of the author.

Antonio Velasco Piña published around 15 books, many of them difficult to classify due to the oscillation between the essay, the novel and the historiographic text, imbued with the wealth of pre-Columbian culture.

Some of the most famous titles he wrote (in addition to the famous Regina) were: Tlacaélel, Aztec among the Aztecs, Two Olmec Warriors, and The Black Circle: Group Behind Power in Mexico, just to name a few.

The Mazatlan Post editorial team sends its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Antonio Velasco Piña, RIP.

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