The arrival of the Hungarians Gypsy to Tamaulipas


Many Hungarian families settled in the Huasteca potosina and southern Tamaulipas

A not very significant number of people of Hungarian origin arrived in Mexico in the 1920s, redirected by the closed doors in the United States, the people who arrived could be defined mainly by their great heterogeneity. 

The nomadic Hungarian families settled in the Huasteca region and in cities like El Mante, González, and Ciudad Victoria in the eighties and late nineties.

Ramón tells Milenio Tamaulipas that in those years the caravans of nomadic Hungarian families moved to the municipality of Ocampo in Tamaulipas, coming from other nearby cities or ranches.

“They were characterized by the fact that the women wore long and colored skirts with many jewels hanging around their necks and in their hands, they used a lot of makeup and had colored eyes.

They even spoke a language unknown to all the people of the town and offered hand-readings, according to whether they guessed you in the future or told you where you would be lucky if the harvest would give the expected sale and they also bought animals such as chickens or pigs.

Gypsy women

The Hungarians brought the cinema to the town, in those days there is no commercial or entertainment center, for this reason, in those years the sensation was to attend movie nights.

“When they put the films in the city they made them in the countryside of the colony and they were Mexican cinema films, so in the middle of the film they always cut to get paid so that one could see the whole film they asked us to come with our own chairs or snacks because they only projected the film on a white canvas ”mentioned Ramon.

The myths of the arrival of the gypsies to the town

“Many said that when the Hungarians arrived in the city we had to tie up the pigs, the dogs or the chickens because the gypsies had already arrived and they could take them away, this because some time someone came to steal an animal and that is why that they mentioned that famous phrase every time they arrived ”.

The people of the caravans, when they arrived at the townhouses, also asked for household appliances, such as irons and blenders, always haggling and negotiating in the form of barter, they assure that they were even hypnotized by the gypsy ladies to take home appliances and not return them.

“The gypsy women walked through the town squares, seducing the men to invite them a beer, in the end, the women took the peasants to their campers or trailer, where at the end of their drunkenness when they fell into the charms of the women they lost all his salary in them ”.

The greatest women of these tribes approached the families of the town to read cards and tarot, they predicted the future by reading your hand and gave recipes or spells to get work or love.

Nomadic “Gypsy” communities

Ramón mentioned that they usually settled in the most marginalized areas of the town, even occupied football fields that were left in abandonment, there they established their circuses where they offered acrobatics in the afternoons and at night movies for adults.

“At the beginning, the older ones tell that they generated fear and mistrust because of their way of dressing like tramps, they made other people believe that they stole children and some other animals”

This is why it was scary to pass near their caravan or even families placed a double padlock on the doors and tied their animals such as dogs, horses, and chickens well ”, recalled Ramón.

With the passage of time and the years, we realized that it was only their way of being and dressing, their lifestyle and it was never proven that they really stole anything. Later the rumor spread that they left the state in search of new horizons and others say that they settled in the state of Nuevo León.


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