Mexican state prohibit mutilating the tail and ears of pets for aesthetic purposes


The Tamaulipas Congress approved the reforms that prohibit mutilating pets for cosmetic purposes, especially cutting off the tail, ears, and teeth.

The Tamaulipas Congress approved reforms to the state’s Animal Protection Law, in which the cutting of the tail and ears, the section of the vocal cords, as well as the removal of nails and teeth are prohibited.

The local deputy Ivett Mermea gave a sketch of the opinion drawn up in September by the Permanent Council, which includes in the catalog of acts of abuse and cruelty, surgeries, or surgical interventions for aesthetic reasons.

“Animal mutilations, the object of which is to modify their appearance or achieve a non-medical purpose, are prohibited. In particular, the cutting of the tail, the cutting of the ears, the section of the vocal cords, as well as the removal of nails and teeth is prohibited, ”she explained in a plenary session.

What are the exceptions? 

Regarding this modification to the law, two exceptional cases are also established:

– When seeking the benefit of a specific animal

– When it is to prevent reproduction.

This initiative was approved by all the members of the Permanent Delegation last September and passed to the plenary session of the Tamaulipas Congress within the package of initiatives that were ruled during the legislative recess.

It only remains for the reform to be published in the Official State Newspaper so that it can be applied by law. 


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