Long lines to cross at Laredo, drivers sleep in their vehicles


Drivers must wait overnight in their trucks to cross with their cargo until the next day, as there are not enough checkpoints on the American side

The opening of only a few booths on Bridge 3 on the American side, caused some loads to remain uncrossed, forcing operators to spend the night in a dark area and not suitable for overnight stays.

“Customs does not have the infrastructure of a rest area, with toilets and much less with a dining room so that users can be safe outside the fiscal area. Much of the export cargo could not cross, due to the lack of attention from American customs, it only had four modules open, which caused a lot of queues and delays ”, revealed José Antonio García Fuentes, president of the Border Union of Operators.

He stressed that the situation mainly occurs during the weekend when customs cut their opening hours, which they consider unfair since most operators do their best to do their job.

“Many operators had to stay overnight at the entrance of the Mexican customs to be among the first to cross. It is not fair that our union does its best to do its job and for the welfare of foreign trade and this border port, and has to risk its life due to insecurity, “he said.

Trailer operators pointed out that the affected person is regularly the driver and not the businessmen, who even punish them with one or two days without work if the merchandise does not cross on time or if they join organizations that seek benefits for them.

“There is a lack of ethics on the part of the authorities to be able to help with foreign trade, but they do nothing, there are the federal deputies who only go and stand their necks, but in reality, they do not provide a solution. Besides that, it is incongruous, since they as an authority can let a lot of cargo not cross, but as an operator, you must do your job, “he said.

García Fuentes pointed out that for a month, the operators have made the decision to spend the night outside the customs office since the closure is punctual and they prefer to sleep in dangerous areas than to waste time to cross the merchandise; some have gone up to 12 hours without food and unable to meet their basic needs.

Source: elmanana.com.mx

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