Tampico Tamaulipas expects to generate 1,500 jobs in the last two months of 2020


These are works that will coincide in the final stretch of the year, both by the government and private.

In the final stretch of the year, they expect the generation of 1,500 jobs in the construction industry in Tampico Tamaulipas, with the projects that are in process by both the government and the private sector.

The economic reactivation is beginning to appear and a greater job opportunity is estimated, said José Antonio Luengas Dondé, president of the Public Works Commission.

Among the housing towers that are in the process of construction, the streets planned to start the municipality and the development of the Carpintero lagoon will be reactivated.

These are works that will coincide in the final stretch of the year and that, in the case of the development of the lagoon, will maintain the generation of jobs until the first half of 2021

Only this work, which is carried out with state and municipal resources, will make available to the worker base specialized in construction, approximate 3,500 jobs.

Likewise, some works with state resources are still in process, for example, the improvement of Carranza Street in the Center of Tampico and streets of the second square of the city.

On Hidalgo Avenue, a re-folder process is being carried out through the application of state resources, which also generates jobs in the last stretch of 2020.

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