CEMEX paves with high-tech hydraulic concrete iconic roads of Nuevo León


Calzada del Valle and Calzada San Pedro are being completely repaved with this innovative concrete.

CEMEX reported its participation in the “Las Nuevas Calzadas” project carried out by the municipality of San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, in which its two most representative roads will now have specialized hydraulic quick-drying, high-resistance concrete.

Calzada del Valle and Calzada San Pedro are the avenues that are being completely repaved with an innovative concrete that CEMEX designed and can develop for any municipality that requires it.

“The New Roadways will have for the first time in history more than 120,000 m2 of high-performance hydraulic concrete, a CEMEX material designed to have a durability of 20 years. To achieve this, we use our special paving equipment for highways and urban roads, thus achieving a higher quality of pavement and a comfortable and stable movement of vehicle traffic, ”said Alejandro Varés, Vice President of Infrastructure and Government of CEMEX Mexico.

The concrete used offers greater durability that allows a reduction of up to 60% in maintenance costs, by requiring fewer repairs. Which means fewer potholes and damage to neighbors due to road closures.

Another of the main benefits that hydraulic concrete offers is that it reflects light three times more than other materials, improving the night visibility of the road and reducing the cost of lighting. Its finish also provides conditions that are superior to optimal in its displacement, which can contribute to saving gasoline for drivers who travel through these avenues.

In addition, it has anti-skid properties, even in rainy or puddled conditions, thus seeking to contribute to the reduction of road accidents.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of this concrete is the speed with which it can be released to vehicular traffic after being used in the paving process, since, thanks to its accelerated hardening technology, it is ready even for intensive use in just three days.

“Las Nuevas Calzadas” is a comprehensive urban regeneration project carried out by the municipality of San Pedro Garza García, located in the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey.

In addition to resurfacing with hydraulic concrete, the project includes the installation of a new sanitary drainage with modern plumbing free from the use of lead, 210 new LED lights are also installed.

Throughout the entire length of the roads, the wiring will be underground, so the current poles will be replaced by 330 trees from the region, freeing up the urban landscape to admire the emblematic mountains of the city.

Sidewalks will be expanded and universal accessibility will be guaranteed, allowing older adults or people with motor difficulties to move around without problems, together with tactile signage for pedestrians with visual disabilities.

Calzada del Valle and Calzada San Pedro allow the circulation of more than 60 thousand vehicles daily, thus benefiting more than 80 thousand people in their daily traffic.

CEMEX is a global materials company for the construction industry that offers high-quality products and reliable services. CEMEX continues its track record of benefiting those it serves through innovative construction solutions, efficiency improvements, and efforts to promote a sustainable future.

Source: OEM

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