Bear steals carne asada from a family in Monterrey (video)


A bear did his thing in Nuevo León but was caught just as he was stealing a family’s bbq meat straight from the grill, not caring about the risk of burning.

A family in the tourist area of ​​Sierra de Santiago de Monterrey, Nuevo León, was about to enjoy a delicious carne asada when they were surprised by a cub who, attracted by the smell of the food, decided to pay them a visit.

The little bear climbed on the stone grill and without caring about the heat of the embers of the grill decided to steal the meat that was cooked there. The surprised family decided to record the moment in which the bear left them without eating.

Seeing that the bear had stolen his bbq meat the family with resignation and laughter moved a few meters away to record on video -which became viral- and avoid the attack of the animal who, with his loot, he joined a second bear who was already waiting impatiently for him on the outskirts of that place.

This has not been the only sighting of bears in Nuevo León because, throughout the year and since the beginning of the quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic, unexpected visits have been registered in backyards, streets, avenues, and neighborhoods all over the northern state after the notable absence of people.

Although certainly, the presence of bears was not unknown to the people of Monterrey, it is not for nothing that Nuevo León is called “Land of bears” since around 500 visits are registered annually by these wild animals who come down from the mountains in search of food. and water.

Given this, the authorities have made recommendations to the population to avoid attacks by bears such as avoiding giving them food and above all not taking pictures near them as it can cause an accident.


Monterrey Daily Post