Top Unusual Ideas for a First Date in Mexico


How to Best Ask for a First Date

If you want to ask someone on a first date, you should just be yourself and sound natural. Try not to be so insistent because no one likes that and you are likely to get rejected. In fact, it will be better to predispose the person or even flirt a little before you ask for a date. In this way, they will feel the joy of your company, and they will probably agree to go out with you. Also, bear in mind choosing the location is the most essential decision to make, so pay extra attention to it. When it’s time to pick a spot for your first date in Mexico it’s worth checking out a list of quirky places tenderbang dating site has curated for you.

Why is it Important to Plan the First Date

Planning a first date is important simply because people remember it forever, especially if the relationship works out. That is why planning every detail is a must if you want it to go perfectly. Almost anyone likes romance, so try to come up with something creative, romantic, and memorable. And of course, be careful when you choose the place as it can ruin everything if it is not suitable for your partner’s taste.

Peculiarities of Dating Culture in Mexico

Dating culture might be a bit different from the one in the other parts of the world, and some people might consider it odd. As you probably have heard, the climate in Mexico is tropical, so during the dry period people are open-minded when it comes to their clothing, but it is not considered vulgar or offensive. Besides, Mexican women love wearing bright make-up and everyone accepts that as well. However, there are many traditions that you need to strictly follow if you fall in love with a Mexican.

  • Unusual Ideas for a First Date in Mexico

1.Visit Roof Bars and Look From Above on Your First Date

Presumably, one of the best alternatives for a first date is to visit a roof bar in Mexico. There are plenty of unique places where you can enjoy a nice cocktail and the beauty of the city from above. Besides, you can even go earlier and watch the sunset while listening to good music. It will be so romantic and you will thoroughly forget you are in a noisy city.

2.Take Your Date to a More Isolated Place Among Nature

If you are a nature lover and so is your partner, you can easily find an isolated romantic place among nature in Mexico. It will be great to get away from all noise and spend a romantic day. You can also enjoy the wild life as we all know how diverse it is in Mexico. Of course, do some research and pick a safe place. In some parts they have built cosy motels where you can spend the night.

3.Explore Old Colonial Dating Places

There is no doubt a lot of people take interest in Mexico’s history. If you are one of them, you can take your date to the old neighborhood called San Angel. You will enjoy cobblestone streets, colonial-style houses, beautiful churches. The atmosphere in such neighborhoods is artsy and peaceful, so you will probably find it very calming and romantic.

4.Go on a First- Date Dancing in a Park

Dancing is among the best things you could do on your first date with someone. The famous Plaza de la Ciudadela in Mexico welcomes enthusiasts like you every Saturday. You and your date can have so much fun while listening to well-known live bands and dancing on their songs. Everyone can confirm dancing has always been a major part of first dates, so you will make no mistake if you choose this variant.

5.Give Your Date a Special Spa Treatment

There are tons of hotels in Mexico where you will be offered amazing spa treatments for couples. Most of these procedures are influenced by the Aztecs. You can enjoy wonderful aroma of cinnamon, vanilla, cacao, etc. You will surely find it so relaxing and kind of romantic, so if your partner is okay with it, do not hesitate to give yourselves this treat.

As you can see, it is not so easy to plan a perfect first date on your own. But if you have a desire and a good will, you can definitely achieve good results. Remember the location is vital for your date to go well so be careful when you choose it.

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