Hurricane Hanna leaves destruction in Tamaulipas


TAMAULIPAS.- “Hanna” left multiple damages in houses, hospitals, as well as missing persons and deaths, in the north of Tamaulipas, Excelsior publishes.

Currently, the authorities report two deceased people and three missing minors.

'Hanna' leaves 2 dead and 60 affected colonies in Tamaulipas

Reynosa is the most affected city, with at least 60 colonies that suffered partial or total flooding when some irrigation channels and drains overflowed.

Whole families had to be evacuated and transferred to temporary shelters.

Hundreds of families lost everything because of so much water that this storm brought.

They took them from me because the water was already reaching my neck, it was when they helped me because I have a broken foot, “said Don Zeferino.

Like Don Zeferino, entire families had to be evacuated and moved to temporary shelters, others sought refuge with relatives in higher areas, hundreds of families lost everything.

It is a loss of household appliances, which refrigerator, stove, washing machine, really, a meter twenty went up, the water went up, “said Aleida Hernández Ramírez, affected.

The water was a meter inside the house and the sofa floated, the refrigerator floated, all that was floating there, total loss, the truck I do not know how the engine would look, all the water got inside, “said Antonio Ramírez, affected.

Colonies where the water level has dropped, those affected try to save what little can still be of use to them, since they fear that their belongings will be stolen.

We are helping him to get things out, for the same reason that they come from other colonies to steal that they are not the affected ones and one that is affected because there is no way because we left things there, “said Guillermina Gutiérrez Cabrera, affected.

This day the rains stopped, but still little more than 20 colonies remain flooded, the work to evacuate the water from the homes continues uninterrupted.

Currently, the authorities are reporting 2 deceased people and 3 minors who have disappeared as a result of “Hanna”.


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