The season of strong “Suradas” begins in Mexico


Generally, at this time of year in the Gulf of Mexico, there are strong southerly winds that reach up to 80 km/h. This effect is known as “suradas”.

We are already entering spring and the winter “nortes” are beginning to be left behind, arriving more and more weakened and notably decreasing their frequency of arrival in the area of ​​the Yucatan Peninsula. However, a new event of important winds is manifested in the area for this time known as “Suradas”.

This effect consists of winds from the south and southeast that blow over a large area of ​​the Gulf of Mexico, as well as along its coastline. Sometimes the speed of these winds can reach more than 80 km/h. Unlike the “Nortes”, which are characterized by being cold winds with a northwest and north component; the “suradas” are warm and generally dry.

These winds are formed by the difference in pressure (gradient), which is caused by the interaction of high pressures over the Atlantic and the eastern Gulf of Mexico with deep and transient low pressures that form in the southern United States, or thermal lows in the southeast of our country. The greater the pressure difference between one system and the other, the greater the wind speed.

During the period of the months of March, April and May is when the “Surada” events occur most frequently, especially because a transition period between winter and spring is established; there is still an interaction between air masses of different thermal characteristics, which in turn favor a notable atmospheric pressure gradient .

Affectation of the “suradas” to the population

The strong winds that can occur with these events usually cause some damage in large areas of the eastern, southern, and southeastern states of the country, including TamaulipasVeracruzQuintana RooCampeche, and Yucatán.

These damages are the fall of trees, branches, spectacular and some flimsy structures. In the same way, it is a risk for navigation due to wind and wave conditions; In addition, they can cause fires to ignite in this time of intense heat.

In the next few hours, a strong intensity “Surada” will be appearing over the Gulf of Mexico, so we invite you to be aware of the wind forecasts for your location by visiting our web portal or downloading our app, available for Android and Android. iOs.

Veracruz Daily Post