Mazatlan 2021 Livestock Fair at risk again due to Covid 19


It is very likely that it will not take place, at least not on the date that is held which is the month of May because it is very close

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – The president of the local Livestock Association, Felipe Velarde Sandoval, announced that it is very likely that once again the traditional Livestock Fair that takes place in Mazatlán, will not take place as a result of the pandemic that is experienced by Covid 19.

Feria Ganadera Mazatlán 2021 - Maravillas en México

From May 20 to 31, the 2021 Mazatlán Livestock Fair may take place, one of the largest and most anticipated fairs in the state of  Sinaloa, here you have the palenque and theater of the town.

Obviously, Mazatlán is not only home to the Livestock Fair, it is also an exhibitor of the best that Mexico has as a tourist place to offer the world. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches, the Aquarium, the Lighthouse, the Malecón and visit its warm historic center.

Despiden a El Bisir; murió pisoteado por un toro en jaripeo en Ejutla,  Oaxaca | El

In addition to the beauty of Mazatlán, you can also enjoy activities within the fair such as jaripeo, competitions with horses and horseback riding, fair balls, parades, and a huge and very important livestock exhibition, famous throughout the region.

You can also enjoy children’s shows, commercial pavilion rides for all ages (even some for extreme lovers), the queen’s coronation, and also a mini-farm for your little ones to have an incredible time living with the animals.

“It is very likely that it will not take place, at least not on the date that we do it, which is May because it is very close. In fact, we have not made any preparations because we are aware that we need to take care of these events, “he said.

Velarde Sandoval recognized that there is a need for these parties to be held by the cattle because of the earnings that come in, a subsidy is provided to the companions through three calves, stallions, or bales of food and this would be the second occasion of not having that help.

“The realization could be passed there to the month of October, November if the vaccination is controlled and the infection rate is lowered, possibly, but it has affected us enough,” he considered.


He explained that due to the pandemic, the largest fairs in the country such as Jalisco, León, Guanajuato, Culiacán and Mazatlán have been canceled, and although it is smaller, the rancher lives it as his own and familiar.


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