“Where are you?”: Teacher captures student taking online class from a Cancun beach


In the video, you can see how a young woman named Katherine takes her Law class online while enjoying herself on a Cancun beach. The video went viral on social media.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, covid-19, classes continue to be held online. However, not everything has been easy. Throughout this time – of the health contingency – funny, uncomfortable, unthinkable, and surprising moments have surfaced, either on the part of the teachers or students. Such is the case of a young woman from Colombia who was caught taking classes from a beach in Cancun –in the sea–. The moment surprised the teacher, thus making the video go viral on social networks.

It was through social networks where this moment went viral. In the video, it is possible to see how a young woman named Katherine takes her Law class online while enjoying a beach in Cancun. 

And it is that the young woman in the video appears taking her class accompanied by the pleasant waves of the sea.

“I hope to fall more and more in love with the Law,” the young woman is heard saying.

“Hey, where are you?” Asked the teacher.

“Professor, we are in Cancun …” , replied the young woman.

“In Cancun? ”, indicated the teacher.

“Professor I love sport fishing. So we came to fish, ”said the young woman who wore a bikini and glasses.

“But we are in class,” concluded the teacher.

The video immediately generated multiple reactions , causing the clip to go viral. Is it valid to take classes from the beach?

“After he does his things I see no problem. “It seems to me a lack of respect for the teacher who prepared for a class, although he may be there, but what did it cost him at that time and with all the free time he has, to stay for two hours in one place”; “Well, virtuality allows studying from anywhere in the world,”  read between the reactions.

Source: milenio.com

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