Mexico among the best 5 countries to go with the family for a weekend in February


We all are used to think February is a cold month. In the last 28 days of winter, students usually read academized reviews to find someone to help them with academic papers, adults continue working hard, and children prefer staying at home due to the weather outside. Still, those having enough time to spend a weekend or short vacation somewhere beyond their neighborhood have multiple directions to choose from.

In case you are tired of cold and grey snow, a short trip is the best way to help you shake up a bit. And choosing the right traveling direction is critical. Still, all you need to know at the moment is that there are multiple opportunities to spend an unforgettable winter weekend with your family members in February.

Here below, you’ll see 5 countries. All of them have something special to offer. Check, choose, and visit a place suiting you and your close ones the most.


Yes, Tanzania. This country is among the most popular tourist destinations of entire Africa. The shape of our planet allows warming up under sun rays in certain places, even in February.

Warm Indian Ocean waves, white beaches, wonderful underwater worlds, and many more things expect those who decide to visit Tanzania in winter. Surf the web, check reviews, entrust your academic papers to professionals, and take your girlfriend or wife with you to a cozy Tanzanian hotel or even villa at the beach.


The Maldives are perfect for celebrating Saint Valentine’s Day with your partner. What can be better than hiding from the entire world on a tropical island?

Maldivian beaches became known as perfect places for couples long ago. In February, the local weather won’t cause any surprises here, too. Moreover, the middle of the month means the beginning of a surfing season. Go there and catch the warm waves! The unforgettable impressions are guaranteed.

South Korea

A February weekend in a bright South Korea is at least the possibility to celebrate the New Year once again. After a trip through the loud city of Seoul, you should visit Seoraksan National Park.

The place is the national treasure of that little but proud Asian country. Seoraksan means beautiful mountain landscapes with great temples and magnificent waterfalls. 


In February, almost any Mexico resort is windy, so that the beaches can be closed due to extremely strong waves. The traditional recommendation about resting in this country is to visit Cancun. The part of local beaches is behind the natural breakwater, so you can easily swim in the warm Caribbean even when the weather is relatively windy. Cancun itself does not have popular places of interest, but they organize many excursion tours from there.

Tourists also prefer winter rest in Playa del Carmen. It’s equally warm to Cancun while having less windy days and a calmer sea. From Playa, one can reach Tulum and Chichen Itza for excursions easily.

Chichen Itza, Mexico (Archive)


Of course, you won’t be able to have a good time on Turkish beaches in February. Instead, the rich local culture will be open for you with much lower prices compared with those in summer.

Istanbul streets, local cuisine meals, great coffee, severe sea waves, and antic ruins of Izmir are definitely worth visiting Turkey in the last winter month. Moreover, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with prices for local hotels in February. If you want to get maximum impressions without spending too much money (just like students expect to do when checking affordable papers reviews), Turkey is among the best destinations to choose from.

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