7 inmates die of Covid in Hidalgo prisons


A total of 87 positive cases have been registered in Hidalgo state prisons

The Human Rights Commission of the State of Hidalgo reported in its 2020 prison diagnosis that 87 inmates have tested positive for coronavirus in the state’s Social Reintegration Centers and 7 have died from the disease.

In this sense, the state ombdusman, Alejandro Habib Nicolás, explained that the infections have occurred in Pachuca (25), Tula (5), Huasteca (3), Tulancingo (17), Tenango (17) and Molango (12).

With regard to people deprived of liberty who have died from coronavirus, two cases occurred in Pachuca, one in Tula, as well as one in Huasteca and three in Tulancingo.

Therefore, the commissioner made a call to the Secretary of Public Security of Hidalgo to reinforce the sanitary measures in the prisons.

Similarly, he warned about a deficit of custodians in prisons, while in 10 of the 12 detention centers there is a record of overcrowding, which increased 5 percent during the pandemic.

Source: El Heraldo de México

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