Locals protest against metallurgical companies in Hidalgo


Zimapan, Hidalgo. In protest of what they described as abuses by the metallurgical companies Preisan SA and Sago SA, neighbors and transporters of stone material, from the town of Garabatos, blocked with stones, gravel and vehicles the road that leads to the San Francisco and Guadalupe mines located in the town of Xodhé.

The Guadalupe mine belongs to the company Sago SA and the so-called San Francisco to Preisan SA.

For this reason, trucks loading stone material cannot reach the mines and have been stranded at the point of blockade.

Until the early hours of Friday, the closure of the road continued due to the lack of agreements between neighbors and representatives of the mining companies.

In a blanket placed by the residents of Garabatos, they request the intervention of the federal government for “the abuses they are committing in our communities.”

Photo: Minera SAGO SA (Facebook Outlet Minero)

This, they said, due to the refusal of the representatives of both companies to allocate resources for the repair of roads and a highway that reaches the San Francisco de Preisan SA and Guadalupe de Sago SA mines and for other works of a social nature.

Likewise, they demand equal treatment from the two companies in the granting of contracts for the hauling of stone material for the members of the Cooperativa de Garabatos.

On Wednesday, residents and transporters of stone material began the acts of protest with the closure of the road that leads to both mines by placing gravel, stones and vehicles on the road that crosses through Garabatos.

After a few hours of blockade, they removed the obstacles from there and reinstalled it on another section of the road near the Guadalupe mine.

Photo: Minera SAGO SA (Facebook Outlet Minero)

So far both the authorities of the interim government of Zimapán and the representatives of the mining companies are totally secretive.

Source: La Jornada

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