Video: He crashes, runs over a woman and drives away; CDMX Prosecutor’s Office is already looking for him


The driver of a silver truck ran over a woman on the run after participating in a traffic accident in San Jerónimo

MEXICO CITY. For not wanting to pay for hitting a car from behind, the driver of a silver truck ran over the affected woman and left her lying on Luis Cabrera Avenue, in San Jerónimo, in the Magdalena Contreras mayor’s office.

According to the 0:33 second video, broadcast on social networks, a pink-haired woman got out of her car hit by the truck to complain to the driver, who was accompanied.

The woman took a photograph of the crashed cars and walked to photograph the license plate, when the truck started and the car collided again, where the woman’s two children were waiting and a man was standing still.

She ran to the open passenger window, yelled at the driver to stop and he did it for a few moments, but then when she saw the free road and took off, taking the woman hanging from the door until she fell on the asphalt, where it was knocked out.

The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City ( FGJCDMX ) announced that it opened an investigation folder for the crime of culpable injuries due to vehicle traffic (aggravated) in follow-up to the video.

According to the reports, the events occurred on November 16, at 4:25 p.m., on Luis Cabrera Avenue, San Jerónimo Aculco neighborhood, where a Red Cross medical unit went to transfer the woman to a hospital.

Then he reported that the Public Ministry, together with the Coordination of Territorial Investigation MC-2, gave a visit to the Investigative Police of the FGJCDMX to continue with the investigations and locate the video surveillance cameras to identify the driver of the truck.

Accidents in the CDMX

The Government of Mexico City reported last September that from April to July 2020, car accidents increased by 25% compared to the same period in 2019.

The absence of cars on the city’s roads due to the pandemic caused more crashes in which drivers lost their lives, said Leonel Fernández, director of Strengthening of Civil Society at the National Citizen Observatory.

37,852 road incidents were registered, in general, because the clear streets caused drivers to exceed the speed limits causing fatal accidents.


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