Hot air balloon crashes in the State of Mexico


A girl was injured when a hot air balloon fell down in Acolman, State of Mexico.

Toluca, Estado de México (September 6, 2020).- A girl was injured when a hot air balloon fell in the municipality of Acolman, State of Mexico, the balloon was supposed to fly over Teotihuacán.

A girl was injured when a hot air balloon fell in the State of Mexico.- (Reference image)

ACOLMAN, State of Mexico.- This Sunday, September 6th, a hot air balloon flying over the Teotihuacán Valley region fell while it was in the Acolman territory and an eight-year-old girl was injured, but not seriously.

Local Civil Protection agents reported that the aircraft took off with three people, in addition to the operator, from the Globopuerto, located in the municipality of Teotihuacán.

The travelers who wanted to make the journey through the air in that area came from the mayor’s office of Iztapalapa. Apparently, the person in charge of the balloon lost control and the aerostatic apparatus began to lose height and fell all the way down to the ground.

Aspects of the hot air balloon basket that fell this Sunday, September 6, 2020 in the State of Mexico.- (Photo:

The balloon fell on a piece of land located on one side of the México-Pirámides highway, near the Ex-Convento de Acolman.

Civil Protection agents arrived on site to attend to the injured people.

It was reported that an eight-year-old girl was the only one who suffered bruises to the rib area. The minor was transferred to a private clinic to be further evaluated by the doctors.

Source: El Universal

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